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December 18, 2002

Educate disabled children, parents advised

From: Daily Times of Nigeria, Nigeria - 18 Dec 2002


PARENTS of deaf and disabled children have been advised not to neglect them at home but give them qualitative education.

Speaking at an interview on Tuesday vice-president of Wesley Schools II for deaf children, L. Y. Atiku, who spoke on behalf of the principal T. A. Gbeleyi, said the deaf children were as much a great asset to the society as their unchallenged counterparts.

Referring to the motto of the school: There is ability in disability; Mrs Atiku noted that the disable could make the best use of their talents when given the chance to do so.

She listed transportation and accommodation as some of the serious problems of the school saying the children often encountered problems coming from their houses to school.

So many of them come from various parts of Lagos State and when they get to various bus-stops where bus conductors call different destinations they have to read lips to understand what people say because they cannot hear,” she said.

She said as a result of this, many of them miss their ways and sometimes fell prey to kidnappers and other dangerous people.

She urged government, parents and corporate bodies to assist the school in purchasing more school buses for the children in order to avoid endangering their lives.

On the aspect of learning, Mrs. Atiku, who noted that the primitive teaching method was past, said: “Now total communication is being used such as dancing, finger spelling etc. to make them understand the basic things”.

Commenting on the 40th anniversary of the school that was held recently, she said, it was organised to create awareness about the school to people, especially parents so as to know the importance of training deaf and disabled children.

To provide a form of continuity for the children at home she said parents are taught the sign languages as well every Thursday.

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