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December 10, 2002

Ames Man Rides Bike Into Train, Dies

From: KCCI, IA - 10 Dec 2002

Family Wants Sidewalk Crossing Arms Added

AMES, Iowa -- The family of an Ames man killed by a train on Sunday said there needs to be more safety precautions at the crossing where it happened.

The accident happened at the Duff Avenue crossing in Ames.

Jonathan Schutt was riding his bike at the time. His family said he was hearing impaired and probably never heard the train coming. They also believe his hooded jacket may have created a sort of tunnel vision.

There are warning sirens and cross arms, but they only block cars and not people on the sidewalk.

"There was nothing to stop him from riding across the tracks into the path of the train. I would like to see something done," Jonathan Schutt's brother Clint Schutt said. Ames, Iowa

The Schutt family would like to see the crossing arms extend across the sidewalk, along with flashing lights at eye level to stop people from walking or riding across the tracks.

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