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October 22, 2002


From: Toronto Star, Canada
Oct. 22, 2002

Facing a Federal Court review of a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decision against it, CBC-TV will hurry along and ensure that by Nov. 1 all of its programs on the main network and Newsworld, and all network promotions, will be captioned for the hearing impaired. Currently, 92 per cent of all CBC programs and promos are captioned.

Vancouver resident Henry Vlug, who is deaf, filed a complaint in 1997 arguing for 100 per cent, and the tribunal backed him. CBC argued against the increase, saying that to achieve it quickly would be costly. To meet the 100 per cent goal, CBC will have people on call around the clock who can caption, and says it will find the money, without disclosing how much.

CBC's move signals "the beginning of the end of uncaptioned programs in Canada," hearing impaired activist Joe Clark said yesterday. Other broadcasters will follow suit quickly, he predicted. CTV is near 100 per cent now, he noted, and Global is in the 90 per cent range.

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