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March 31, 2010

Deaf Today is going offline for good - UPDATE!

From: webmaster - Mar 31, 2010

Since Nov 2008, Deaf Today went inactive and have been hibernating for long time. It was inexcusable to let that happen. But I have decided to let Deaf Today shut down for good. Although the final day of going offline is unknown, maybe April 30, 2010 as I work to archive and remove this from the server and disconnect.

It's been great ten years since Deaf Today was conceived by Roger Vass and I took over in 2002. I enjoyed sharing news I collected all from over the world which created this motto: "Bringing you the news daily from a to z from around the world!"

Well, it's sad to see this go as I do not have time to focus on Deaf Today to bring you all the news to you.

I bid farewell to all of my readers!

Good Night!

UPDATE! This was a April Fool's Joke! Deaf Today is not dead! :)