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September 4, 2007

Searching for Silent Clues: Deaf Author Exposes Darkness of Demented Psychopath in New Novel

From: eReleases (press release) - Perry Hall,MD,USA - Sept 4, 2007

OAKVILLE, Ontario, Sept. 4, 2007 -- In his premier novel, "Deception's Full Circle" (published by AuthorHouse -, J.G. Martinson immerses readers in the disturbing investigation of a demented psychopath as one detective feels her way through the realm of the deaf in search of leads.

Mara McEdwards, a single mother and a third-generation detective, specializes in investigating insurance scams. An unprecedented crime case with possible political implications lands on her desk and affects the entire first precinct of Rockville, Md. Mara suddenly finds herself in charge of a unique case that challenges her instincts and places her life in danger. With a body that bears no marks and toxins in its system, the cause of the victim's mysterious death seems elusive. Leading to even more confusion, her only clue is the assistive device found on the dead woman. She hesitates to call it a clue at all.

More victims are soon discovered with assistive devices on their person. Mara enlists the help of Eddie Nicks, a colleague to trace the trail left behind by a psychopath who has become the prime suspect in the murders. As their hunt for the killer intensifies, Mara enters a silent world she has never experienced firsthand and struggles to understand an altogether foreign and visual form of communication.

At the same time, a terrorist, bent on bringing the assistive device industry to its knees, begins a devastating bombing campaign that spreads fear and uncertainty to numerous major cities throughout the United States.

As the investigator nips at the heels of his otherwise unchallenged run, will the terrorist make things personal and threaten Mara's preschool daughter? Will Mara and Eddie catch the demented psychopath before more innocent lives are lost? Will the clank of a prison cell door closing or a city-wide explosion break through the silence that permeates every page of this spine-tingling tale? Find out in the suspenseful conclusion of "Deception's Full Circle," bound to become an instant success.

Martinson is a deaf author who has worked as an educator and counselor for the deaf and deafened population for more than three decades in both Maryland and Canada. "Deception's Full Circle" is his first publication, but he is currently working on a historical novel based on his several trips through Europe. He has two adult children, a hearing daughter and a son who is deaf.

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