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September 5, 2007

Deaf man accused of murder

From: ZNBC - Zambia - Sept 5, 2007

A 21-year old Deaf and Damn Man in Lusaka, has denied stabbing his guardian to death.

Maureen Tembo was stabbed 21 times in October last year in Lusaka’s Kabwata Area.

Emmanuel Banda told Lusaka High Court Judge, Phillip Musonda that he was arrested for a crime he never committed.

He said he has never been a violent person and never fights.

Banda who spoke through an interpreter told Judge, Musonda that he had gone to sleep on October 15 last year.

He said when he woke up in the morning found that his clothes were blood stained.

Banda said when attempted to inquire from other members of the household how his clothes became blood stained, he found a group of people that accused him of killing Tembo and was taken to the police station.

Banda was put on his defence after he was found with a case to answer and he opted to give evidence on oath in the case he is accused of stabbing to death his sister-in-law.

Judge Musonda has set Judgment for November 28

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