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August 9, 2007

DEAF NEWS THIS WEEK: Kiddie protesting + American Deaf culture from the outside in

From: i711 Relay - Aug 9, 2007

This week on

CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES by Trudy Suggs (NEW) How old should kids be before they’re included in a protest? With her first protest at age 3, Trudy ponders the right age – and right approach – to include kids in advocacy gatherings.


CROSSING BORDERS by Karina Chupina (NEW) How is the American Deaf community viewed when first experienced by travelers from abroad? Karina recounts her first trip as a Russian exchange student to the United States, and her first perceptions of America’s Deaf community.


CHANNEL iVLOG THIS WEEK: Are we the last Deaf Generation? (NEW) Across the country, the Deaf community is changing. Lauren asks, as we the last Deaf generation?

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