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July 20, 2007

DEAF NEWS THIS WEEK - CODA Training + A Hard of Hearing Business Consultant In Italy

From: i711 Relay - Jul 20, 2007

This week on
(NEW) CODAs who want to become certified interpreters face unique challenges. Trudy looks at these, and the idea of an accelerated Interpreter Preparation Program which could be more effective in equipping CODAs to enter the field.
CROSSING BORDERS by Karina Chupina
(NEW) In Italy, deaf and hard of hearing people have a variety of business roles. Through her interview with a hard of hearing, Italian business consultant, Karina explores the unique benefits and challenges for hard of hearing people in Italy.
CHANNEL iVLOG THIS WEEK: High-Tech Deaf Travel Tools
(NEW) Are you bringing tech gear on your next road trip? If not, you might want to. Lauren looks at several great online resources you can access from a computer, a Sidekick or a BlackBerry.
(NEW) Someone from Ohio won a Sidekick 3 this week in the i711 Road Trip. We have eight more to give away and you could win one. Or you could win a 2007 MINI Cooper car! Register for free today. No purchase necessary. Visit: to register or to see who won.
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