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July 12, 2007

DEAF NEWS THIS WEEK - Mobile Video + 15 Deaf Sporting Events

From: i711 Relay - Jul 12, 2007

This week on
BITS BYTES AND BAUDOT by Lisa A. Goldstein
(NEW) The dream of mobile video -- and person-to-person video chatting -- is getting a lot closer. Lisa looks at a new AT&T service that may be a precursor to mobile VRS. Visit:
GOAL POSTS by Chris Kaftan
(NEW) Itching for some sports action? Chris outlines 15 Deaf sporting events you *must* see before you die.

CHANNEL i™ VLOG with Lauren Ridloff
(NEW) Long trips can be a hassle, but they don't have to be. Lauren looks at a few simple ways to make family travel easier and more fun for everyone. Visit:

(NEW) People from all over the country are sharing their experiences using i711 relay services -- wireless, text, vrs and VP. Do you know any of these customers? Find out who's saying what and even leave your own comments! Visit:

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