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July 6, 2007

DEAF NEWS THIS WEEK: So you want to be a teacher?

From: i711 Relay - Jul 6, 2007

This week on
(NEW) Everyone knows teaching is an admirable career, rife with challenges and unique rewards. What does it take to become a teacher? Kevin interviews Kerry Cooler, a job coach and teacher who discusses the path she took in pursuit of her teaching dream. Visit:

CHANNEL iâ„¢ VLOG with Lauren Ridloff
(NEW) Ready to take a walk on the wild side? This week on Channel i, Lauren covers Deaf travel options that are off the beaten path. Visit:

(NEW) Someone from New York won a Sidekick 3 this week in the i711 Road Trip. We have nine more to give away and you could win one. Or you could win a 2007 MINI Cooper car! Register for free today. No purchase necessary. Visit: to register or to see who won.

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