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June 4, 2007

News and Notables - Flash

From: Gallaudet - Jun 4, 2007

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Preparing Deaf Students to Travel Independently

Students on the Go, Safely and Independently--A Travel Training Manual is now available online from the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center. The manual is designed to support schools and organizations in training students to travel safely on their own using public transportation.

Knowing how to travel independently in the community is an essential developmental step for teenagers. Students on the Go offers guidance through the process--from determining if a student is ready for independent travel to post-assessment guidelines.

The training manual is available to download as a PDF or Word document. The Clerc Center encourages schools and organizations to adapt and use the examples and forms included in the manual to meet their own needs. The manual includes: sample permission and emergency contact forms, a schedule, a checklist, a family emergency plan, a progress report, and evaluation questions.

Students on the Go can be found online by visiting this web page.

For feedback or more information, please e-mail Lynn Olden or Jandi Arboleda.

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