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May 18, 2007

Tibet enjoys in Chinese National Games for Disabled

From: People's Daily Online, China - May 18, 2007

Without a single medal under belt for the past six days at the 7th Chinese National Games for the Disabled, the Tibetan delegation could still taste the joy as the athletes are enjoying the feeling of participating.

"Medals are not important to us. We came here to learn from others. Our concern is to build more public sports facilities for the disabled and let more disabled take part in sports in Tibet," Qun Pei, vice chef de mission of the Tibetan delegation, told Xinhua here on Friday.

The Tibetan delegation is the smallest among all 35 delegations with only seven athletes, also the youngest with an average age of 18.

"We only take part in athletics," coach Wang Jia said, "Our training conditions are poor compared with other delegations. We recruited several students just 20 days before the Games. They even didn't see any standard field before coming here."

"But we ask them to try their best and enjoy the Games from studying."

Tibet is the only delegation that hasn't got a medal. With only marathon events remaining, it is likely that the Tibetan delegation will leave the Games with bare hands.

Source: Xinhua

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