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May 4, 2007

New online assistive device company

From: The Hearing Stop - May 4, 2007

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Adam Freygang

Local opens new business to improve the quality of life
for the deaf and hard of hearing

ROME, GA – To deaf ears, alarm clocks, watches, knocks on doors and ringing phones are meaningless. The Hearing Stop celebrated its grand opening in April because the owner understands that fact.

The Hearing Stop started because Adam Freygang witnessed the struggle his wife goes through every day due to her hearing loss: the struggle to hear on the phone, using captions on the television or just having to wake her up because she doesn’t hear the alarm clock.

“I am honored to open The Hearing Stop because, after listening to my wife’s stories about her father rigging up special lights for her to “hear” the phone, I realized there was a need for quality products at a fair price,” said Freygang. “We’re proud to serve the deaf and hard of hearing in the greater Rome area.”

The Hearing Stop offers high quality vibrating alarm watches with multiple alarms and countdown timers that come in a variety of styles. The watches are great for the deaf and hard of hearing, but also work well for people who work in loud environments where an audible alarm is ineffective. They are also great for medical reminders and conditions such as ADD, pilots and for daily living skills.

For the home, the Access 4 vibrating alarm clock is a great way to wake up, it also flashes a strobe light when the telephone rings. The door beacon is a flashing door knock signaler that visually alerts for visitors and The Hearing Stop also carries a caller ID system that displays incoming calls right on the television.

To celebrate its grand opening, The Hearing Stop is offering 15 percent off all sales throughout the month of May.

The Hearing Stop is a home-based business in Rome, GA, but delivers products nationwide. Visit to see all of its great products. For more information, contact Adam Freygang at 706-767-7684, or 706-291-8945.