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May 21, 2007

Cullompton woman leads deaf support group

From: Mid Devon Star - Devon,UK - May 21, 2007

By Jean Tilley

A DEAF woman from Cullompton has helped establish a support group for fellow deaf people in the area.

Wendy Evans, developed the group for bone conduction hearing implant (Baha) users in her area.

Having spent the last 40 years struggling with single sided hearing loss, a year ago Wendy had a Baha fitted which has changed her life.

Following the operation, Wendy felt inspired to launch a users group, in conjunction with The Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation Trust.

Wendy said: "Now my colleagues take it for granted that I can hear as well as they can and when I meet people for the first time they have no idea that I'm partially deaf.

"When people used to spot my hearing aid they would sometimes treat me differently, now I no longer experience that prejudice."

For more information about the support group, contact Wendy on 01884-831301.

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