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April 18, 2007

Mother's Day Vlog Contest for students

From: Hawk Relay - Apr 18, 2007

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Name: Roberta Monroe
Company name:  Bonheyo & Bonheyo, LLC
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Does your mom rock? Tell us why! Hawk Relay is presenting a Mother’s Day Vlog contest for students, “My Mom Rocks!” The contest is posted from April 23rd to May 10th on the Hawk Relay website.

This Vlog contest is a terrific way for children under 18 years old to express in 30 seconds or less video why their mom rocks.

The Vlog contest will give students opportunity to win $150 dollars and another $150 for the winner’s school.  All participants will receive a free T-shirt.

The winner will be determined by a panel of four judges who will select the winner from top five contestants voted by the public.

The judges are Amy Cohen Efron, Druscilla Lozado, Rolando Romero, Ricky “Ridor” Taylor  & YOU! Take a peek on the Vlogs and be sure to lock in your votes between April 23rd and May 10th!

Deadline to submit the Vlog is May 8th at midnight.

The website to submit the Vlog:

To learn more about Hawk Relay, visit the Hawk Relay web site at