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April 5, 2007

Howard speaks of his hearing problems

From: The Age, Australia - Apr 5, 2007

Prime Minister John Howard has highlighted his own hearing difficulties while opening an extension to the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre.

"As somebody who as you know over the years has had a lot of hearing problems himself, I've had a number of surgeries but fortunately my hearing deficiency was one that could be attended to with conventional hearing aids," he said.

Mr Howard was opening a $1.5 million refurbishment of the centre, whose patients range in age from just three months to over 90 years.

"It is wonderful to understand an invention such as this can help people at both ends of life's spectrum," he said.

Founding director Professor Bill Gibson said the centre (SCIC) provided a seamless service for deaf people wanting to access spoken communication using cochlear implant technology.

"The SCIC now has one of the largest numbers of recipients in the world," he said.

"The youngest recipient is three months old and the oldest is 92."

The centre, at Gladesville in Sydney's inner-west, was redesigned to accommodate an increase in patients.

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