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April 4, 2007

DeafNation's Nationwide Art Contest for EVERYONE!

From: DeafNation - Apr 4, 2007

Media Contact: Joel Barish, DeafNation
P.O. Box 762
Frederick, MD 21705-0762
FAX 301.682.7529


Frederick, MD [March 29, 2007] –

DeafNation is having a nationwide contest for DeafNation's vehicle wrap. The purpose of the contest is to find the best vehicle wrap design to be posted on DeafNation's own RV for the world to capture and see!

The motto of DeafNation is: Language, Culture & Pride. The graphic design must
accommodate the motto and vision of DeafNation: Language, Culture & Pride.

The winning design will be the trademark property of DeafNation, Inc with a
compensatory prize for the grand winner. The grand winner will receive $1,000 cash prize.

CEO Joel Barish said, "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase one's art where many people can view it on daily basis when the DeafNation's RV takes off on the road. This is their chance to show their finest design which will be attached on the body of DeafNation's RV."

For further information on everything related to the DeafNation's vehicle wrap contest, please visit

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