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March 20, 2007

World Record Fund Raising Event for Hearing Regeneration with One Thousand Drummers

From: Hard of Hearing Hall of Fame - Mar 20, 2007

We’re looking for one thousand drummers!

Why would the Hard of Hearing Hall of Fame be looking for one thousand drummers? Because Woodstick 2007 is proudly announcing their biggest-ever drumming event. They’re going all out and seeking one thousand drummers for their October 27, 2007 event. AND we are partners with Woodstick. Woodstick already owns the world record for the largest number of drummers playing one song (533 – Guiness Book of World Records). They are out to shatter the record this year.

We encourage everyone in the deaf and hearing loss community as well as the music industry to support this excellent event, which will raise money for hearing loss prevention and hearing regeneration. Please, circle the date and start making your plans to support or attend. Check out the website for complete details.

The event is being held at the fabulous ShowPlex in Puyallup, Washington . . . just 12 miles from the Seattle-Tacoma airport. This is a huge building with five roll-up doors for loading and unloading drumkits. Parking is free and close-by.

Once again Woodstick is joining up with Rotary, their original partner. Rotary has just about eradicated polio from this Earth and now the goal is hearing regeneration.

Most drummers don’t talk about it, but nearly every drummer suffers from hearing loss. If you think about it, the event is kind of funny. We all hope to have a thousand drummers raising $100,000 in pledges to restore hearing and yet, drumming and rock and roll music are responsible for a goodly portion of hearing loss on their own. It's estimated that three out of four members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame suffer from hearing loss. In the general population, Hearing Loss is a hidden disability. It's out there taking its economic and communication toll.

We are concerned with both hearing regeneration AND hearing. The Hard of Hearing Hall of Fame (, which features information, videos and articles on hearing loss and hearing loss prevention is part of the creative effort bringing Woodstick to the world.

Hearing loss is the number one birth defect and the disability with the largest number of sufferers in the world. People hate to admit they can't hear, maybe it's a vanity thing for many of us. But around the world being unable to hear puts you and your family at a great monetary, career, and opportunity disadvantage that you will never be able to overcome . . . ever.

There are several ways you can help. You can make a donation. You can advertise our event on your website. You can mention the event in your newsletters. You can register to participate as a drummer. You can raise pledges. You can organize a group of drummers to play. You can even sponsor a portion of the fundraiser. And, if you’re a Rotarian, you should join their activity group, Rotarians for Hearing Regeneration (

Plans right now call for ten to twenty celebrity drummers (check out the Woodstick website to see who has participated in the past). There is going to be a fantastic raffle. You might be able to have your picture taken with Elvis or Jimi Hendrix. There will be a house band to play along with, and plenty of exhibits and booths bringing you percussion information as well as hearing loss prevention and protection information AND other fun things to do at the ShowPlex.

Please, join us at Woodstick 2007. It’s going to be fun. They already have requests from Chicago and San Francisco as well as registrations from the Seattle area. If you’re interested in the Platinum Package (where they set up and supply a drumkit for you), please note that they have a limited supply of drumkits (40) – First come, first served!

999 drummers and you!!! Please, sign up today.

Yours truly,
Don Doman
Hard of Hearing Hall of Fame –
Woodstick 2007 -