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March 21, 2007

Ammons and Her Failure to Deliver My Document Package for Gallaudet Library Archives

From: - Mar 21, 2007

Dear USADSF Board Members:

As you may know this past December 2, 2006 I was an attendee of your USADSF Conference meeting. There, after my early leaving of the meeting, I met Donalda Ammons and relayed to her the important document package, which were intended for the Gallaudet University Library Archives Room.

For details, please visit

However, to date, Ammons has failed to fulfill my request.

Because Ammons is your organization's representative to the CISS-ICSD, I hereby request your Board's interference by contacting her now and to instruct her to immediately return my property to the Gallaudet Library ( contact persons are Ulf Hedberg and Michael Olson ).

May I hear from you in a timely manner?

In the event Ammons refuses to cooperate with you then I will be compelled to consult with her supervisors at Gallaudet.


Rafael Pinchas