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March 17, 2007

5 years for attack on deaf mute

From: Glasgow Evening Times, UK - Mar 16, 2007

A masked thug who attacked and robbed a deaf mute in his home has been jailed for almost five years.

Homeless Shaun Gangel, who was wearing a balaclava, grabbed his victim, forced him to the ground, and tied his hands behind his back with shoelaces before ransacking the house.

John McSween, 26, who is profoundly deaf and uses sign language to communicate, managed to free himself after the late night attack and run for help to a nearby shop.

The High Court in Glasgow was told Mr Mcsween was very distressed and had to write down what had happened to make himself understood.

Today, temporary judge Ian Peebles, QC, told 24-year-old Gangel: "You have a serious record, particularly for crimes of violence.

"This was a nasty offence. A vulnerable victim was attacked and robbed in his home and I am told you have a high risk of re-offending."

The judge jailed Gangel for 57 months and ordered that Gangel be monitored in the community for 18 months after his release from jail.

Gangel admitted assaulting Mr McSween at his flat in Wyndford Road, Maryhill, last September 12 and robbing him of computer equipment, a computer game, scissors, two knives and a jacket.

At an earlier hearing, Alastair Kennedy, prosecuting, said: "Mr McSween was watching television about 11.30pm and became aware of a banging on the front door through vibrations.

"He thought it was a friend and opened the door. The accused, who was wearing a green balaclava, seized Mr McSween, tied him up and began ransacking the flat."

Police arrested Gangel, who was wearing the stolen jacket, nearby. All the stolen items were recovered.

Mark Moir, defending, said: "This offence was entirely drug induced. He has no recollection of what was an unprovoked offence against a disabled man."

He said Gangel had started taking drugs at 13 and when he was only eight his father was jailed for life.

Publication date 16/03/07

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