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February 1, 2007

DEAF NEWS THIS WEEK: A Hearing Cover-up + The Russian NTID

From: i711 Relay - Feb 1, 2007

This week on
(NEW) Hearing signers who pretend to be deaf; doesn't this make your blood boil? Trudy re-examines a private cover up of a very public case involving the Saturn car company, national TV advertising, and a hearing woman from Louisiana. Visit:

CROSSING BORDERS by Karina Chupina
(NEW) Part 2 in a series, Karina looks at the accommodating technology used at Bauman University, Russia's counterpart to NTID. Visit:

(NEW) Heading to the Deaflympics this weekend? Check out i711's booth at the expo, and get a live demo of the latest i711 VRS and IP relay services.

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