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January 8, 2007

press release - new book of stories by deaf writers and illustrators

From: Second Story Press - Jan 8, 2007

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Another milestone in Canada’s Deaf culture…

On the heels of the highly acclaimed River of Hands,
Second Story Press presents

The Smart Princess and Other Deaf Tales

By Keelin Carey, Kristina Guévremont, Nicole Marsh, Nicholas Meloche-Kales, and Déna Ruth Ruifer-Koopmans

Illustrated by Kelly C. Halligan, Eugeniu Televco, and Colleen C. Turner

This unique collection of beautiful stories by deaf writers and illustrators delivers a heartwarming message to children about Deaf Culture.

Written and illustrated by winners of a national competition organized by the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, The Smart Princess takes the reader inside the fantasies, dreams and disappointments of young people who are Deaf. In one tale a princess runs away when her intolerant aunt forbids her to sign. Another story looks at the experience of being a Deaf child at a hearing school. Next, two strangers, one giant and one tiny, become friends despite their difficulties in seeing each other. In another story, a spaceship lands on a planet of the Deaf, forcing hearing astronauts to reconsider their ways. And finally, in a poetic adventure, an imaginary tiger wreaks havoc!

Praise for River of Hands, our previous collection of Deaf stories:

“I would highly recommend this book for both Deaf and hearing children. The stories allow Deaf children to see the characters as role models and validate their own experiences… The value of these stories for hearing children is to increase their awareness of Deaf people, American Sign Language, and the role that vision and sharing play in our lives. These features would make River of Hands and appropriate resource for studies involving the senses as well as different cultures and languages. Highly recommended.” – CM Magazine

Ages 9 and under. ISBN: 978-1-896764-90-0 6”x8.5” 48 p. softcover with color illus. $9.95 Nov 06CDN/Feb 07US

Denise Grant, Marketing & Promotions
Second Story Press
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