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January 9, 2007

Pinky Tells the Real Story About Video Relay Services

From: T.S. Writing Services - Jan 9, 2007

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Pinky Tells the Real Story About Video Relay Services

Portland, OR [January 9, 2007] –  Anyone who has used a videophone knows all too well the frustrations of failed calls, poor lighting, lousy signing and videophone etiquette – and these frustrations have evolved into a must-see performance, “Pinky Tells the Real Story About Video Relay Services.” Pinky Aiello, an entertainer from Portland, has traveled the nation presenting her show that pokes fun at what happens during a videophone call, especially when making relay calls.

“With the incredible expansion of people using video relay services (VRS), I decided to ask people across the nation about their experiences in using VRS,” Pinky, who has no affiliation with any VRS provider or company, says. “And what I discovered was a treasure chest filled with amazing stories, many funny and all memorable. I also have seen that there are still growing pains in the VRS field, yet everyone still appreciates the availability of VRS.”

The stories Pinky collected from both deaf videophone callers and video interpreters have evolved into an hour-long show that also features Pinky’s unique sense of humor. Her show, “The Real Story about Video Relay Services,” is highly interactive, with audience members coming onstage to share their true stories of experiences with VRS calls. In between audience stories, clips from a DVD of the same title are shown.

“It’s my goal to bring both sides of VRS, if you will, together to understand each other better and to laugh together as we explore the new world of videophones,” adds Pinky. “I’ve seen how the DVD and this show help people appreciate and understand better the challenges of VRS. It helps that I have no relationship with any VRS company, so people are more willing to talk about their experiences. But what always gives me goosebumps are the stories from people who talk about connecting with hearing relatives for the first time through VRS, feeling free of any language barriers. And then there are those people who simply have no understanding of how to use a videophone, which is great for my show!”

Grant Laird Jr., a renowned Deaf blogger and co-owner of Crazy Technologies, LLC, said in a recent blog entry, “Yesterday, my friend and I watched [Pinky’s DVD]. Wow! It is mind-blowing and a lot of laughs… We watched it three times already.” The 55-minute DVD, which is voiced-over by Marlene Elliott, won the “Best Art Direction” award at the 2006 Toronto International Deaf Film & Arts Festival.
The show is in high demand at interpreter conferences, deaf events and schools, with upcoming shows in California, Ohio, Amsterdam, Sweden and France. Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) secretary Cheryl Moose of Elgin, Ill., saw the show at the Illinois RID conference last September. “I have truly enjoyed her performances and DVD; they’re very funny, especially with the variety of characters that just crack me up!”

Michelle Johnston Osterhout of Goodrich, Mich., is a Deaf mother who saw Pinky’s performance at a benefit. “I laughed so hard that my ribcage exploded,” she said. “I also enjoyed the DVD, which is highly targeted at those needing a barrel of laughs. It’s a tender-hearted collection of experiences sure to send one's head reeling in enjoyment. I’d recommend it to anyone!”

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