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January 5, 2007

DEAF NEWS THIS WEEK: Voucher for your frustration + what's NEW for 2007?

From: i711 Relay - Jan 5, 2007

This week on
Deaf Sports & Entertainment News:
(NEW) HERE IS A VOUCHER FOR YOUR FRUSTRATION- Even with modern technology and after looking back over the last 15 years, why is something as simple as going to the movies still extremely frustrating? Learn what you can do to improve your movie-going experience. Visit

GOAL POSTS by Chris Kaftan - Live Deaf Theater may be in crisis with recent cuts in funding. Chris reviews the situation, and offers suggestions for how you can help save this important piece of deaf culture and entertainment. Visit

GOAL POSTS by Chris Kaftan - Where is all the deaf sports news? Separate of this column, how does the deaf community learn about sports news and game outcomes? Chris looks at community sporting news sources, and considers alternatives. Visit

Deaf Technology news:
(NEW) PORTABLE CAPTIONED PHONES & REAL-TIME VIDEO ON CELL PHONES FOR 2007? - As a new year arrives, have you thought about what electronics would simplify your life? What technology developments would be important to the deaf community. What's on your wish list? Visit:

ON-STAR GETS ACCESSIBLE. Finally, emergency access for the deaf community comes to the automobile. Lisa examines the new On-Star Service from GM, new gear that puts accessible technology at your fingertips should your car break down or should you get into an accident.

BABY MONITORS FOR DEAF PARENTS: Is there technology out there for new parents who are deaf or hard of hearing? Lisa outlines a number of tools you can use to keep an eye on your little ones.

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(NEW) i711 Call Me makes it easy for hearing people to call you through relay. You get your own toll-free i711 Call Me number that hearing people can dial from any phone. When they do, you get the call on your computer, Sidekick or BlackBerry, relayed by a friendly i711 relay operator. Get your own i711 Call Me number at
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