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December 8, 2006

Language Management: Big Business for International Programming Distributors

From: The Kitchen - Dec 8, 2006



Language Management:
Big Business for International Programming Distributors

December 8, 2006

Los Angeles/Miami: The science of language customization, and the management of international programming material, has recently become one of the most sought after services in the industry.

Whether you have a :30 commercial spot, a 120 episode telenovela, 26 weeks of a new reality show, an old library of MOW’s that the studio is hoping will generate new dollars, or a ‘70’s TV show that is finally going to be sold to Turkey or Croatia….the art of getting it there, ready for viewing to those specific target audiences, in a timely manner, with all of the correct dialogue, has become a true science.

“It’s the management of global program content,” Ken Lorber, President/CEO, of “The Kitchen”, explained. “I know there are not a lot of us,” he continued, “qualified and knowledgeable language customization operations that (1) understand the nuances of the world’s languages and local broadcast or screen limitations and regulations; (2) that have the ability to source all work, in territory and (3) are equipped to do so in every step of the language process.”

“The Kitchen” is in a class by itself in that the award winning operation was developed and conceived by the same partners that brought the industry the only Emmy Award Winning language customization technology, TM Systems, a modular system for language translation, dubbing, subtitling or closed captioning. “The Kitchen” therefore is able to equip its partners, in territories throughout the continents, with its proprietary technology, passing along all of the inherent benefits, time and cost savings of its revolutionary language software every step of the way.

“We can manage a project internationally,” Lorber added, “right from our desktop and our clients can follow along, right from their own desktop or laptop, all by utilizing our TM Systems technology”.

“The Kitchen” has a full production-sales staff, headed by production industry veteran, Deeny Kaplan (Executive VP of both “The Kitchen” and TM Systems), who works hand in hand with the studios, networks and distribution companies to understand, develop and centralize the providers individual, multi-cultural, multi-speaking language needs.

“Whether we’re looking at dubbing a series into 10 languages, or developing new revenue streams for old film libraries,” Kaplan concluded, “it is the management of the process that gets it done easily, with consistently positive results.”

Language Customization today represents an annual multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. With advent of “day and date” releases, the importance of understanding the international language business, and managing the process on a global basis, could never be greater.

“The Kitchen”, the language services division of TM Systems, the developer of the entertainment industry’s only Emmy Award Winning language translation, dubbing and subtitling technology, is a leader in the customization of all languages and all language services. More information can be found at, or by calling 818 508 3400.

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