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December 21, 2006

Deaf Couple Finds Help When Buying A Home

From: Fox 12 Boise - Nampa,ID,USA - Dec 21, 2006

Nampa, Idaho-- From communicating with a mortgage broker, to understanding the legal forms. Buying a home can be a challenging process for anyone.
But: it can be especially difficult for the deaf and hard of hearing. That's why one Boise couple is teaming up to help those with special needs get their piece of the american dream.

"I feel that it's wonderful being in our own home. Home sweet home," said Mark & Vicki Svedin, homeowners.

Mark and Vicki Svedin weren't sure they'd ever be able to buy their own home. Vicki is legally deaf and Mark is very hard of hearing. Both communicate using sign language.

"There are challenges because interpreters are needed for communication and it's really important for contacting the person you're working with," said Vicki Svedin.

But the Svedin's live's turned around during a Deaf and Hard Of Hearing Club meeting at Boise State.

They met interpreter Holly Higby and her husband Bo, a local mortgage broker. The Higby's offered to help the Svedin's buy their own home, by using Holly as a translator.

"I love putting people into homes. I was trying to figure out what's a community that's been really overlooked. And that's the deaf and hard of hearing community," said Holly & Bo Higby, from Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Ever since then, the Higbys have continued working as a team to help those with special needs buy real-estate.

Just this Friday another couple they've been working with closed on their first home. Bo says he will never forget their reaction when the deal was finalized.

"It took me a while to kind of regain composure to take someone who didn't thing they'd ever be able to get into a home and help them to achieve that dream," said Bo Higby.

The Svedin's have been living in their new home since this summer. And: they've had fun decorating every room with meaningful touches.

Now they want to let others know about the opportunity, that helped them achieve the american dream.

"They did a very good job and we got a house so if you want a house go see them," said Mark Svedin.

Bo Higby works for Wells Fargo Mortgage in downtown Boise. To contact Bo call 830-5617.

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