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November 23, 2006

New Novel book by Deaf Author

From: - Nov 23, 2006


For Immediate Release
Today's date: 11-23-2006

Contact: Mr. John Egbert

What Would Happen If Most Of The People In The U.S. Became Deaf Overnight?

Ham Lake, MN

That is the question that John Egbert asked himself more than 20 years ago. Now, he's answered his own query in his first novel, MindField, a fast paced, suspense story where the crossroads of technology, politics and humanity collide.

Once terrorists release a deadly bacteria, chaos, financial collapse and even anarchy threatens the nation. Though certain death seem to be the outcome, the bacteria mutates and the problem isn't death, but deaf, as millions of people lose their hearing.

Air traffic control shuts down the country's air transportation, banks stop communicating with each other and emergency services fail to respond. Phones are useless. Suddenly, people must learn a new way to communicate.

MindField is one of those once-in-a generation "big ideas," the kind that is not only great reading, but is a paradigm shift in thinking about how we all communicate and discriminate, and how the world might actually be a better place if we were forced to learn to listen with our hearts and minds.

John Egbert is a first time novelist. He was born deaf and attended Gallaudet University, the only deaf college in America. His dream has been to bring a message to both the deaf and hearing world about hope, using a suspense novel to entertain and to make readers ask, "What if?"

Mr. Egbert can be reached through email at: MindField will be available at Barnes & Nobel, and all book retailers in mid-December. It is also available at