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November 8, 2006

Hands On Video Relay Service Celebrates Mac Awareness with Prizes and Giveaways

From: Hands On VRS - Nov 8, 2006


November 8, 2006

Contact: Chad W. Taylor
(877) 467-4877, ext. 20215

Hands On Video Relay Service Celebrates Mac Awareness with Prizes and Giveaways

Hands On Video Relay Service, Inc. ( will be hosting workshops in a Town Hall format in ten cities beginning in November. The workshops are intended to spread awareness about Macintosh computers and to continue the company's tradition of commitment to Macintosh users. The workshops in each city will appeal to Macintosh users who want to know more about their computers, computer buyers who are on the fence about their next purchase, and consumers who want to know about using Video Relay Service on a Mac computer.

Deaf actor Chad W. Taylor, the star and producer of Mosdeux's noted short movie VITAL SIGNS (, will be presenting fun-filled showcases in the following cities: Rochester, NY (November 16), Salt Lake City, UT (November 17), Seattle, WA (November 29), Austin, TX (November 30), Riverside, CA (December 2), Phoenix, AZ (December 6), New York, NY (December 8), Washington, D.C. (December 12), Boston, MA (December 14), and Fremont, CA (December 16).

The entertaining presentations will include a presentation on the secrets of Macintosh OS X, with an emphasis on how Video Relay Service can advance the careers of its users and improve the workplace environments of deaf and hard of hearing people everywhere. Attendees will have a chance to win a 20-inch iMac, a 20-inch iBook, and ten $25 Apple Gift Certificates. Attendees will receive exciting gifts and enjoy plenty of refreshments and appetizers.

"We are very proud to be the first and only provider of a Mac VRS application. We have a dedicated team developing new ways to make the Mac VRS experience the best possible," says Ed Routhier, Interim President of HOVRS.

At the workshops, consumers will learn how deaf and hard of hearing Macintosh OS X users can use Apple's iChat A/V feature to place a VRS call to the rest of the world with ease and speed.

"With this tour, Hands On VRS continues to provide top-level Video Relay Services to Mac users, offering top-quality solutions such as the hovrsWidget, a mini-application that allows calls to be made from the Macintosh Dashboard," says Chad W. Taylor, Presenter and Mac Business Unit Manager.

For more information on the tour and for specific times and locations, please go to

Hands On VRS, serving the needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing community since 1992, specializes in video relay services and community interpreting. The company is dedicated to removing communication barriers for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people everywhere. For more information, visit our website at