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October 11, 2006

WARNING: Deaf Bloggers

From: Via Email - Oct 11, 2006

Hey there!

If you haven't heard about "Net Neutrality", I want to take a minute and let you know about .. Please let as many Deafies know about this website, too. A better explanations are found here and ..

If the big corporations had their way and Congress pass in their favor, we will have to pay extra for limited Internet access, another few extra dollars EACH TIME for posting a videoclip/vlog, using each program or plug-n-play device. If passed, the corporations can pad up the prices as they please and put the small Internet companies out of business! This is very serious for bloggers, webmasters and small Internet businesses. Who knows what might happen to those who use the videophones!? Spread the word!

Thanks again for your time! ;) Keep up the good work!

Philip Mecham