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October 5, 2006


From: Signs of Developement - Oct 5, 2006

Signs of Development holds as it core theme the value of professional development for each person as a unique and individual experience. Mentoring accomplishes this goal and supports interpreters to achieve their certification goals as well as position and career goals. Signs is actively involved in both individual and group mentoring with its certification preparation study groups and specialized mentoring to meet an interpreter’s unique and specific needs! Find more information about our mentoring packages and study groups at and click on Mentoring or Study Groups!

We are also proud to pass along the following information related to mentoring interpreters:

Northeastern University announces:

Master Mentor Certificate Program

Begins January 2007

Mentors are experienced working interpreters who can provide support and direction to newly graduating and less experienced interpreters. Mentors provide expert input about levels of interpreting skills, direction for improvement, guidance in professional development, and knowledgeable advice about interpreting issues that pose ethical or professional dilemmas for the individuals they mentor. In the field of interpreter education, mentorship provides a means of helping new graduates make effective transitions from undergraduate educational programs to the working environment. The Master Mentor certificate trains interpreters and interpreter educators to serve as mentors within their communities. The courses in this curriculum focus on the knowledge and skills necessary for effective mentoring. The Master Mentor certificate program identifies and trains interpreters and interpreter educators to serve as mentors for interpreters at all skill levels. Courses from this certificate may be applied toward the Adult and Higher Education Concentration in the Master of Education.

ASL 3101
Mentorship 1: Interpreting
4 q.h.

ASL 3102
Mentorship 2: Interpreting
4 q.h.

ASL 3103
Mentorship Practicum: Interpreting
4 q.h.

ASL 3104
Mentorship Internship: Interpreting
4 q.h.

A minimum of 16 quarter hours is required to earn an Interpreter Education Master Mentor graduate certificate.

For more information on this new program:

or contact Dr. Elizabeth Winston –


Press Release

September 15, 2006

Your knowledge and experience is needed!

The National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers (NCIEC) recognizes the importance of mentorship in our field and would like to learn more about the mentoring activities happening across the country. Our goal is to identify effective practices in the field of mentoring interpreters. To do this, we need your help!

We have developed two online surveys to capture the unique experiences of both mentors and mentees. Each survey takes approximately 10 - 12 minutes to complete.

You may find the mentor survey at:

You may find the mentee survey at:

If you have formal or informal experience as a mentor and/or mentee please take a few moments to complete these surveys. Your experience and input is valuable and we need to hear from you!

The surveys are available on line now until November 1, 2006.

Thank you for making this important contribution to the field!
Diana Doucette, Project Coordinator
Northeastern University Regional Interpreter Education Center
ASL Program
405 Meserve Hall
Boston, MA 02115
617-373-2463 voice
617-373-3067 tty
617-373-3065 fax