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October 4, 2006

Internationally Known Entertainment at the 16th Winter Deaflympics EXPO!

From: 07 Winter Deaflympics Expo - Oct 4, 2006

Join us on Friday, February 2nd and Saturday, February 3rd for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and celebration of the 16th Winter Deaflympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. Come attend, participate, and see:

* Internationally-known entertainer Ramesh Mayyappan as he performs Potpourri, an amazing vignette that includes multiple characters
* If the Shoe Fits… by Tami Santimyer as she brings to life each of the Cinderella characters with one significant twist
* World-renowned deaf artist Chuck Baird and create your own piece of art
* The "Deaflympics Experience" keynote address given by past ICSD President Jerald M. Jordan

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We look forward to seeing you there!

Eric Johnson
16th Winter Deaflympics EXPO Program Manager