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October 29, 2006

An Epidemic Of CISS Rule Violations Continues; Wrong Numericals For Deaf World Championships

From: DeafSportlawsuit - Oct 29, 2006

PRESS RELEASE - October 29, 2006




New York, USA - Another new, valuable and free-of-charge lesson is being taught for certain individuals of the CISS administration by this Ombudsman.

The latest October 26, 2006 CISS e-News Magazine published an array of interesting news releases, in which the two items - the recently-concluded World Championship in Orienteering and coming World Championship in Futsal - should be given careful attention

The new rule violations and embarrassing historical blunders have again been committed by the CISS administration officials.

Three months ago the city of Veszprem, Hungary, hosted the first ever World Championship in Orienteering.

At this championship the two disciplines produced the following medal winner results:

Men's relay

1. Lithuania
2. Ukraine
3. Russia

Women's relay

1. Ukraine
2. Russia
3. Lithuania

The questionable issue is that these two relay events were contested by all the teams ( eight in men's category and six in women's category ) coming from one and the same region - Europe.

Therefore, these two relay events did not strictly meet the rules of the Deaf World Championship Regulations, that is, rules WC 1.5 and WC 7.4.

The two rules basically state that "championship events with five ( 5 ) countries from at least two ( 2 ) regions" can take place and that the medals can, consequently, be awarded on an official basis.

Since all the teams competing in these two relay events came from one and the same region, each medal winning team with its athletes should not have been awarded the respective medals in an official capacity.

Or, all the above-mentioned teams won the medals in relay disciplines in clear violation of the rules of the World Championship Regulations!

So far, between April 1, 2000 and to now, the administration has, very sadly, committed an aggregate of over five hundred twenty ( 520 ) rule violations in its own legal structure of the CISS.

Another major mistake the CISS administration has been making is that: it is terming the upcoming November 8-18, 2007 World Championship in Futsal ( or, indoor football ) to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, as the "FIRST World Championship in Futsal."

The truth and fact, however, are these: in 1996 the city of Maastricht, the Netherlands, was an actual host of the First World Championship in Futsal, in which teams from seven ( 7 ) countries took part ( source: The CISS Bulletin, Number 185, December 1996, page 25 ).

Thus, next year's futsal event in Bulgaria should be correctly spelled as the SECOND ( not first ) World Championship in Futsal!

This is the second time the CISS administration has committed a very major historical blunder on this specific matter. In retrospect, in 2004 the administration had allowed to wrongfully advertise the World Championship in Wrestling, also held in Sofia, Bulgaria, as the "first one."

The fact , however, was that in 1991 Turkey was the host of the first ever CISS-sanctioned World Championship in Wrestling ( source: The CISS Bulletin, Number 161, May, 1991, page 16 )!

Therefore, the CISS Administration should now set up the record straight such as,

Deaf World Championship in Wrestling

1st held in 1991 in Istambul, Turkey
2nd held in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria
3rd to be held in 2008 in Yerevan, Armenia.