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September 18, 2006

Hearing Loss Association of Los Angeles September Meeting

Frmo: HLA-LA - Sep 18, 2006


Hearing Loss Association of Los Angeles
HLA-LA (formerly SHHH-LA)

Hi Friends!

Our next meeting is September 23rd. Our own Pat, Diane and Alicia will summarize what they learned at the recent emergency prep training. We will have a related discussion following the presentation.

We will be hosting our FIRST HLA-LA ELECTIONS on September 23rd, 2006 during our regular meeting. All meeting attendants will be able to vote for 10 steering committee members.

Hope to see you there... Make sure to show up for the meeting hungry, there’s ALWAYS plenty of food!

NOTE: All meetings will be captioned.

September 23rd (fourth Saturday of every month)
10am - Noon

301 E. Del Mar in Pasadena
(Meeting entrance is through the back door)
If you need directions please contact

You are welcome you to join our Yahoo Groups list serve: (The captioned notes from our monthly meetings are also available at:)

You can go to the link now and read posted messages even if you don’t join the list serve. If you do join the list serve you can go to files and read the meeting transcripts and steering committee minutes.

Hearing Loss Association of Los Angeles HLA-LA (formerly SHHH-LA), was founded in September 2004 by a group of adults with hearing loss. The purpose of this group is to bring support and understanding to all people who live with a hearing loss (whether it is mild to severe) and their family and friends. HLA-LA members communicate by lip reading, writing signs, sign language or the use of a real time captionist. Membership is free.

Any Questions? Feel free to e-mail me or:

Take care,