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September 28, 2006

Hamilton Relay Recognizes Leader in Wyoming

From: Hamilton Relay - Sep 28, 2006

In honor of Deaf Awareness Week, Hamilton Relay is pleased to recognize Heather Parsons as the 2006 Deaf Leader of the Year for the State of Wyoming.

Heather hails from a small town in South Dakota. After attending South Dakota School for the Deaf outreach program and a public school in Belle Fourche, her parents made a bold move to Casper, Wyoming. She was eight years old when she first enrolled at Wyoming School for the Deaf. She then attended Kelly Walsh High School, graduating there in 1995.

During Heather’s school years, through countless trips to Cheyenne to speak with members of the Wyoming Legislature, Heather was instrumental in keeping the Wyoming School for the Deaf open until 1999. Heather enjoyed the privilege of meeting Dr. Frank Turk who encouraged her to attend the Youth Leadership Council (YLC). She considers her experience at YLC as priceless.

Heather was elected as the first female President of Deaf Association of Wyoming in 2001. Along with her friend, Barry Carpenter, she founded the Mountain Deaf Club in Casper. Heather is an Educational Consultant for the State of Wyoming, educating law enforcement officers and dispatchers, promoting awareness on topics related to Deaf culture, American Sign Language, identifying TTY calls, and many more.

The ever-so-friendly advocate currently works for Black Hills Bentonite, LLC as a Quality Control Lab Technician. She resides in Casper with her 10-year old son, Trevor.

This leadership recognition has been brought to you by Hamilton Relay.