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August 15, 2006

USA Withdrawal From 2006 Deaf World Championship In Orienteering

From: DeafSportLawsuit - Aug 15, 2006

Press Release - August 15, 2006



By Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas, CISS Ombudsman

New York, USA - This Ombudsman is teaching another valuable ( and free-of-charge ) lesson to certain and self-styled administrators of the CISS, who do still run the organization in an incompetent, stagnant and mismanaged manner.

And what kind of role models are these self-styled CISS administrators continue to be to our deaf sports world?

This week the first ever Deaf World Championship in Orienteering is taking place in Veszprem, Hungary ( see 1st Deaf World Orienteering Championships press release from Hungary below ).

Of the19 nations that initially registered to take part at the Championship, the USA team was the second one - after Switzerland - to announce its withdrawal from participating in the event on July 22, 2006, that is, more than the three weeks before the start of the inaugural Championship.

What does such a withdrawal mean for the USA or USADSF, USA's national affiliate member to the CISS?

According to various rules of the Deaf World Championships ( rules 8.B and 9.D ) and CISS Constitution ( rules 6.1.1,, 7.1.1,, and 7.2 ), such a withdrawal by the USA orienteering team means that an immediate penalty fee must be paid by the USADSF to the CISS Treasury.

Or, if the USADSF fails to pay the penalty fee, then the USADSF instantly loses its status as a FULL-MEMBER of the CISS.

The CISS Constitution rules say so very clearly and soundly!

Therefore, for such a non-payment since July 22, 2006 and to now, the USADSF is supposed to be automatically disqualified from all activities sanctioned by the CISS.

This disqualification also means that all the USADSF individual members and "so-called role models" in the organization of the CISS - Donalda Ammons as an elected CISS President, Tiffany Granfors as a salaried CISS Executive Director, and Jerald Jordan, as an appointed Chairman of the CISS Legal Commission - must have been suspended from their respective international positions.

Or, the three can no longer represent the CISS in any official capacity.

This disqualification also means that Ammons as the suspended CISS President can not in any form, shape or manner attend the Deaf World Championship in Orienteering in an official capacity, if she ever shows up there during the competitions this week. Or, Ammons can not repesent the Deaflympics/CISS as an official guest of honor at the next week's 13th Congress of the European Deaf Sports Organization ( EDSO ) in Austria.

This disqualification also means that as of July 22, 2006 and to now Granfors, an USADSF member, should lose her income pay as the CISS Executive Director.

This Ombudsman received the report from a reliable source that the USADSF has, to this minute, failed to pay the required penalty fee to the CISS for the dropping out of its team from the World Championship in Orienteering.

Or, if this is an inaccurate report, then can the USADSF itself publicly produce a scanned documentary proof via the CISS website system that it has indeed paid its penalty fee in a timely manner to the CISS?

Recently, during the days of August 1-5, 2006, the Gallaudet University campus in Washington, D.C., was the host of the 4th Pan American Games for the Deaf Youth. And there the presence of both Ammons and Granfors as the CISS officials was an illegitimate one, according to the rules of the CISS Constitution!

This is the third time in the last three years that the USADSF chose to register then, later on, to pull out of its team from a CISS-sanctioned World Championship event.

In 2003, the USADSF pulled its two teams out of the World Championship/Dresse and Maere Cups in Team Tennis held in Austria by not paying to the CISS Treasury its required $10,000.00 withdrawal penalty fee at all.

In 2004, the USADSF withdrew its team from the World Championship in Wrestling in Bulgaria. Again, the USADSF acted above the law by not paying to the CISS Treasury any of its penalty fee for such a withdrawal.

Thus, will the responsible deaf sports leaders from other countries showcase their intelligence and bravery by doing something against the USADSF and its individual members Ammons, Granfors and Jordan - the number One abusers of the CISS legal system, will not they?

Will the EDSO Executive Board and 13th EDSO Congress delegates ban Ammons as an official guest of honor from attending their next week's August 23-25 Congress, will not they?

P.S. Between April 1, 2000 to July 21, 2006 the USADSF failed to pay to the CISS Treasury many different debts. The above story is written on the assumption that the USADSF paid off all these debts or it was waived by the CISS in paying off these previous debts.
But, after July 22, 2006, the USADSF is still a new violator of the CISS legal system because it has not yet paid to the CISS its penalty fee for withdrawal of its team from the 2006 Deaf World Championship in Orienteering.

( see Exhibit below )

1st World Deaf Orienteering Championships
in Veszprém, Hungary 14th - 19th August 2006
News Schedule Venues About us

USA has dropped out of WDOC in Veszprém

They are sorry to inform you, that the USA Team will not participate in the 1st WDOC in Veszprem. For different reasons, the athletes will be indispensable. Upd. 22.07.2006

News about change chairman for WDOC Organizing Committee

Hungarian Deaf Sports Federation will inform you that the Board Meeting electeded Mr. Zsolt Nyriö to be chairman of 1st WDOC Organinzing Committee after Bela Panyi´s withdrawal. Upd. 15.07.2006

Switzerland has dropped out of WDOC in Veszprém

They are sorry to inform you, that the Swiss Team will not participate in the 1st WDOC in Veszprem. For different reasons, the athletes will be indispensable. Upd. 14.07.2006

Inform from the WDOC host! Concerning transport and accommodation
Please do contact to HDSF Office about transport and accommodation. Their mail address is:
Also you can look at the HDSF homepage for the WDOC in Veszprém address etc.: Upd. 05.07.2006

Cancellation Deaf Junior and Deaf Masters
Due to too few entry. Unfortunately we have to cancell Deaf Junior and Deaf Masters. But my suggestion are: you can instead participate in "Pannon O-days" (hearing arrangement). It takes place same time. Then you can still be together with us and stay at hostel.
Please visit "Pannon O-days": and remember to book WDOC for accommodation. Upd. 08.05.2006

Now there are 19 Nations and 69 o-runners to Participate in World Deaf Orienteering Championships
Now we also got preliminary entry from Italy and Pakistan. First time ever Pakistan is participating. Upd. 04.05.2006

17 Nations and 64 o-runners to Participate in World Deaf Orienteering Championships
The upcoming World Deaf Orienteering Championships: We already got many preliminary entries. 17 nations and 64 o-runners will compete in the week-long international event. A record in the history of deaf orienteering competition.
The other teams are Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Hungary, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine and USA. Upd. 11.04.2006