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July 12, 2006

Hamilton Relay Adds Video Mail and Missed Calls to VRS

From: Hamilton Relay - Jul 12, 2006

FOR RELEASE July 12, 2006

Contact: Beth Slough, 402-694-3656 v/TTY
TRS Contract Manager/Senior Editor
Hamilton Relay, Inc.

Hamilton Relay Adds Video Mail and Missed Calls to Video Relay Service and Distributes New Edition of The Relay Newsletter

AURORA, NE – July 12, 2006 – Advanced video technology and improved Internet accessibility has made Video Relay one of the premier relay services available for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. As a result, Hamilton Relay has added both Video Mail and Missed Calls as a part of its expanding Video Relay service.
Similar to telephone voice mail, Video Mail allows a caller to leave a video message when the person they are calling is not available. The recipient of Video Mail then receives an e-mail containing the video message as a QuickTime attachment. In the same fashion, if a caller chooses not to leave Video Mail, a Missed Calls notification e-mail is sent providing the number of the person that attempted to call.

"Both Video Mail and Missed Calls are basic expectations for standard telephone users," said Anne Girard, Product Development/Regulatory Manager of Hamilton Relay. "The addition of these features to Hamilton Relay VRS is a great benefit and is really an extension of our commitment to making the Hamilton Relay experience even better for our customers."

Hamilton Relay VRS can be used with any type of videophone and the Video Mail and Missed Calls features can be added simply by creating a Video Mail Account online at Once a Video Mail Account is created, both video mail and missed call notifications will be sent to a user-defined e-mail address. These features even work for those who do not have a videophone as the video messages are received in e-mail and reviewed on the recipient’s computer. Calls can be returned easily by using any one of the many relay service options offered by Hamilton Relay.

The new edition of The Relay, a publication of Hamilton Relay, is now available online at:

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Hamilton offers a variety of services to enhance relay communication including Internet Relay, Video Relay, Wireless Relay and CapTelTM. All services are available at Hamilton also provides traditional relay services to 11 states, the District of Columbia, the Island of Saipan and the Virgin Islands.
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