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June 2, 2006

Mute thieves steal quietly

From: News24 - South Africa - Jun 2, 2006

Shanghai - Chinese police have busted a gang of deaf-mute thieves - run by a man from inside a prison hundreds of kilometres away - in Shanghai.

According to a report on the Shanghai Daily website on Friday, police suspect the outfit is run by Wang Weidong, 40, a deaf man serving a life sentence for manslaughter in the southeastern province of Jiangxi, 800km from Shanghai.

The gang of 13 members had enjoyed a six month stealing spree on Shanghai public buses, said police.

The report said Wang sent orders to his subordinates by communicating in sign language during prison visiting hours. It did not say how police caught the band.

Police found 100 000 yuan (about R90 000) stashed in a bank account in a Jiangxi.

"The deaf and mute pilferers' ring followed a strict discipline of their own," said police officer Dai Min.

"The members submitted all the valuables and cash they stole every day to their leaders ... members would receive their income at the end of the year."

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