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June 15, 2006

BD teacher chosen for national program

From: Beaver Dam Daily Citizen, WI - Jun 15, 2006

Conference is about hearing impairment

By TERRI PEDERSON/Staff Reporter

The Beaver Dam Unified School District teacher of hearing impaired students was selected as one of the eight teachers in her field to attend the Educational Consultant Training Program in Philadelphia this summer.

Mary Kahler will participate in medical, audiological, speech-language, social-emotional and educational aspects of her field during the conference, which is scheduled from June 19 to July 28. The training program is for teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing.

"One of the biggest benefits is living in the dorms," Kahler said. "I'll be able to talk with other teachers that do the same think I do in other parts of the nation."

With her field, Kahler said there are very few people that she meets that have teach the same type of students.

"You don't often get to find someone like yourself," Kahler said.

Kahler found out about the opportunity after the Wisconsin Department of Instruction sent information to the teachers who teach students with hearing loss.

"I thought it was a good time to do it, so I did," Kahler said.

To apply, Kahler filled out a five page application with several essay portions. In addition she needed references and her college transcripts.

Kahler said she will be working in the classroom and in the hospital during the program.

"One of the main focuses is Cochlear Implants," Kahler said. Cochlear implants are electronic hearing devices that are inserted into people's ears with severe to profound hearing loss to produce useful hearing sensations.

The devices have seen their share of controversy, Kahler said, since people who are culturally deaf are against them.

Kahler said she believes she will be bringing a combination of things back to the district including new methods to help students learn.

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