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May 6, 2006

Turmoil At Gallaudet University

From: - May 6, 2006

PRESS RELEASE - May 6, 2006


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New York, USA - In the wake of the ongoing students' protest at Gallaudet University this Ombudsman has been receiving interesting communication messages from concerned persons.

These persons, among the other things, asked the questions such as:

What is the role of Irving King Jordan, the outgoing Gallaudet University President with the CISS and Deaflympics?
What kind of relationship does Irving King have with the top CISS functionaires Jerald Jordan and Donalda Ammons?
Are Irving King Jordan and Jerald Jordan related to each other by blood?
How does this Ombudsman perceive yesterday's signing of the petition by Ammons to oppose Irving King's influence and his hardly-fought appointment of Jane Fernandes as a new Gallaudet University President?
By signing this petition, has Ammons shown her loyalty, solidarity and support for the now-embattled Irving King Jordan and Jane Fernandes?

Well, this Ombudsman, himself a 1979 graduate of Gallaudet and frequent traveler to the CISS Congresses and Deaflympics, must openly and bluntly state that Dr. Irving King Jordan and Dr. Jerald Jordan are long-time comrades and that the two, however, are not related by their bloods at all. The two Jordans have also been closely associated with Dr. Donalda Ammons in the last several years.

To demonstrate how excessively close the two Jordans are to each other, let me present the three randomly selected facts.

Fact Number One: On June 20,1996 America's capital - Washington, D.C. - was the site of the Olympic Torch Relay event, in which the two deaf persons Irving King and Jerald were selected to make their Torch Relay runs.

How the two, especially Jerald, received such an honor to run?

In front of me is the recent March 8, 2006 issue of the Gallaudet University student publication called The Buff and Blue. In its story headlined THE SECRETS OF HIS SUCCESS, its author Donald Tropp, after his interview session with Irving King and his wife Linda, revealed about how Irving King, a very devoted and caring friend of Jerald, convinced the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay organizers to include Jerald to make a run.

Here is an excerpt of the story:

"King and Linda agree one of their best moments came during the 1996 Olympics. King was asked to carry the torch up 8th Street to Gallaudet. He accepted, but later received an invitation to bring the torch to the White House instead. He said he would do it on one condition: that another deaf person could carry the torch to Gallaudet. The White House refused to grant his request, so King declined their offer and hung up. "If I did not know who would carry the torch to Gallaudet, I would rather do it myself," King explains. But he got a callback. The White House relented, and Jerald Jordan ( no relation ), former Deaflympics president, took King's place. He remembers seeing Jerald run from 8th street to Gallaudet. " I never saw a smile so big, "he recalls."

Fact Number Two: On March 7, 1999 as a CISS Chairman-founder of the annual Deaf World Athlete of the Year International Awards Commission, I played a visible role at the special banquet in honor of the 75 Anniversary of the CISS held in Davos, Switzerland. Before the start of the banquet, there I met and conversed with the broadly-smiling and elegantly-dressed couple - Irving King and Linda. They also attended this banquet as special guests of honor and there, among the other things, the two told me, that since 1989 they make every effort to attend every CISS Games. They do so in honor of their very dear and very beloved friend Jerald Jordan!"

Fortunately, in my own possession I have a videotape of this event in Davos.

Fact Number Three: On March 1, 2006 the city of Salt Lake City, Utah, hosted the 2007 Winter Deaflympics Press Conference. There Irving King had the opportunity to give his speech at the podium, in which he publicly invoked and brought up the name of his "very close pal Jerald - or "JJ" - in front of the event's attendees." At that Press Conference, Irving King, also showcased himself and Gallaudet as the strong financial backers of the 2007 Games.

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As for Dr. Jane Fernandes' support for Jerald, some two months ago, for example, one deaf man from Canada sent his letter to Fernandes, the soon-would-to-be new Gallaudet President-appointee, which was titled SHALL GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY TAKE AWAY ITS HONORARY DOCTORATE DEGREE FROM JERALD JORDAN?

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This Ombudsman was able to get in touch with the Canadian man who informed that Fernandes acknowledged the receipt of his letter and that Fernandes totally disagreed with his idea of possible revoking of a honorary degree from Jerald and that Fernandes still spoke very positively of Jerald.

Thus, it can now clearly be seen and concluded that Irving King, Jerald and Fernandes are real cronies, period.

Now, let's focus on what kind of relationship the two Jordans and Fernandes have had with Ammons on or before May 1, 2006, the date Fernandes was named as Gallaudet's 9th President and in which unrest among Gallaudet students has erupted at its campus' premises.

The two Jordans, especially Jerald did everything possible in order to ensure that his "heir apparent" and "female crony" - Ammons - would win her election as the new CISS President at the recent 39th CISS Congress held in Australia.

By the way, Jerald, in his self interest and to the huge detriment of the deaf international sports, was the prime mastermind of the election fraud scheme at the Congress, in which nearly 270 voting ballots were missing or went unused.

Because this Ombudsman has been an outspoken advocate for just and equal rights for every deaf athlete and because he filed his lawsuits vs.Jerald and Ammons, Jerald and Ammons were the ones to institute their reprisals or Gestapo-type tactics vs. this Ombudsman: twice they called upon the service of local policemen and agents to arrest - albeit, unsuccessfully - this Ombudsman in 2003 in Sweden and in 2005 in Australia.

( Could it be possible that Irving King learned directly from Jerald and Ammons to use such reprisal or Gestapo-type tactics vs. the protesting and outspoken students at Gallaudet now? )

Since 2001 and till now, the two - Irving King and Fernandes - have also covertly provided their unequivocal and biased support for Ammons in her legal battles vs. this Ombudsman. Moreover, Irving King and Fernandes in 2004 did not take any action against its Gallaudet staff member - Ammons - when Ammons chose to unethically use the official Gallaudet stationery for her personal litigation defense. That is, Ammons, a defendant, wrote her letter with a Gallaudet letterhead to a Court Judge in spite of the fact that Gallaudet University was not specifically named as the lawsuit party at all

Since 1995, the year Ammons began her work for the CISS, both Irving King and Fernandes have closed up their eyes by permitting Ammons to utilize Gallaudet's facilities, in which she performed her non-Gallaudet and CISS-related work most of the time at the campus.

On May 2, 2006 a Gallaudet University President Search Process petition drive has begun to function. It lists the two demands:

- have Presidential Search Process re-opened, and

- no reprisals for students, staff, faculty and alumni.

As of today, there are over 3,000 petition signatories.

Naturally, this petition is a very bad, embarrassing and humiliating document for both Irving King and Fernandes.

But the most unthinkable and unbelievable thing with this petition is that a crony of the three ( i.e., for Irving King, Jerald and Fernandes ) - Ammons is listed as the number 2,102 signee of this petition.

Furthermore, Ammons' numerous deaf family members, including her deaf father and two deaf sisters, have also signed the petition, which is literally tantamount to the coming and disgraceful ousting of Irving King's "heir apparent" and "female crony" - Fernandes - from the Gallaudet Presidency.

If this happens, Irving King's personal and professional reputation ( also Fernandes' ) among the masses - deaf and non-deaf - will be ruined for good!

In light of Ammons' petition signing, it is still unclear as to how Irving King, Jerald and Fernandes are feeling about this highly unusual act by Ammons?

Has the still unconstitutionally-elected President of the CISS - Ammons - betrayed them, has not she?

In retrospect, after my long friendship with Ammons and by utilizing my varied sports expertise services for her own gain and personal career advancement, Ammons, all of a sudden, in 2001 betrayed this Ombudsman by completely removing him from any suitable leadership position in the CISS.

Is Ammons an unpredictable and pathological hypocrite or reputed benefit taker?

Finally, it remains to be seen as to what kind of financial and moral support Irving King and Gallaudet will provide to the organization of the coming 16th Deaflympic Winter Games in Utah.

In the meantime, there are the two important news to share.

A second suspect in kidnapping/murder scheme of a deaf Russian citizen and ex-litigant in the now-closed-Ammons-related case, Mr. Felix Shlimovich, is being finally caught up in Moscow. Mr. Shlimovich and his body has been missing since December 11, 2005. The investigation is still on.

The discrimination lawsuit matter involving this Ombudsman and the USA Deaf Sports Federation is still pending before the USA District Court for the District of South Dakota in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. One of the main charges of the lawsuit is biased, unfair and discriminatory treatment of this Ombudsman by certain Gallaudet-educated CISS officials and USADSF for the position of the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 2007 Deaflympic Winter Games.