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May 8, 2006

Ken Glickman, Fall 2006 West Coast Tour!



SILVER SPRINGS, MD (PRWEB) May 8, 2006 - Ken Glickman a.k.a. “PROF. GLICK” has hired the services of Bakari Creative Ventures to accept proposals from organizations that would want to be included in his FALL 2006 West Coast Tour.

If you want Ken in your city, let us know by sending us the proposed dates, the workshop or event that you want Ken to do during the engagement, a contact information, name, address, telephone and email address.

Inviting organization or group are expected to shoulder ALL Ken’s travel accommodations such as airfare, board and lodging, transportation and meals, handouts, local advertising and publicity campaign.

About Ken

Ken “Professor Glick” Glickman born profoundly deaf, attended Clarke School for the Deaf in his native state of Massachusetts for 11 years. After graduating from Dartmouth College magna cum laude with High Distinction in Psychology in 1977, he joined IBM as a computer programmer and has taught programming and computer graphics at NTID at RIT (1980-81) and at Gallaudet University (1985-86) under IBM's Faculty Loan Program. Ken left IBM in 1987 to go into the business world on his own, setting up his shop called DEAFinitely Yours Studio in Silver Spring, Maryland, where he currently lives.

Author of two humor books on Deaf Culture, DEAFinitions (1986) and More DEAFinitions! (1989) and the highly popular "DEAFinitions" and "Play It by Ear" posters, Ken also wears a few other hats. He is, at times, an author, a desktop publisher, a webmaster, a poet, a magician specializing in Close-Up magic (having won 1st place in Leipzig, East Germany in 1990 and 2nd place in Kiev, Ukraine in 1992), a wordsmith and a comedian as "Prof. Glick" teaching DEAFology 101, 201 and 301.

Ken has recently published his third book, Deaf Proverbs - A Proverbial Professor's Points to Ponder. He has written his third and fourth volumes of DEAFinitions and hopes to have them published in the near future.

About the “DEAFinitely Yours Studio”

My studio is modest. There's this old table I use as an anvil. Spread about are papers and small tools. Words first germinate in my mind. With a piece of paper atop the anvil and pen in hand, the word is created right there and then. More often than not, the word is coarse and needs more hammering. It's quite amazing how much one can do with a mere twenty six letters of the alphabet let alone all those other special symbols. Words are, fortunately, very malleable. That's why I've had so much fun with them.

Papers make wonderful media with which to carry the fragile words everywhere. Soon after a word is formed on paper, I carry this paper container from the anvil to my electronic fire for further refining. Computers make marvelous machines, and I can't imagine how wordsmiths of by one times actually managed without them. Once the word reaches its desired form, I take it from the fire to the quenching bucket in an instant. Often known as a laser printer, the bucket freezes the word for the final casting.

Such is my modest studio. It is where your friendly wordsmith happily churns out new humorous creations day after day and sees them off to that wonderful, majestic world of DEAFIES, smiling at the very thought that "humor does make the world go around."


DEAFology 101 Comedy Show The Classic!

· Have you ever wondered what to call this feeling DEAFIE divers experience when they suddenly realize (in midair) that they have a hearing-aid on?

· What's this thing that many unwitting DEAFIES keep bumping into while walking and signing?

· What's the official word for any "beautiful scenery" signed by a DEAFIE or HEARIE?

· How would you feel and look when trying out for the first time a new gadget invented for HEARIES by Prof. Glick?

DEAFology 201 Comedy Show A Perfect Encore!

· What do you call this trail taken by a walking DEAFIE until he gets knocked out cold by a tree limb?
· What's the most appropriate thing to say to a DEAFIE who'd just got a cochlear implant?
· Have you ever thought of what to call that bump DEAFIE golfers often get on their heads?
· How can you tell the difference between a DEAFIE teepee and a HEARIE teepee?
· There are two perfect euphemisms discovered by Prof. Glick for these two words, disability and disabled. What are they?!
DEAFology 301 Comedy Show New Show!

Can you imagine taking a class on Telecommunications and
Relay Operators where nothing is taken seriously?

· What is the proper term for the TTY conversation between two TTY users?

· What about the dialogue between a Deafie prisoner and a Hearie lawyer via a Relay Operator? What is it called?

· What do we get when we breed two Relay Operators?

· How to best describe a Relay Operator's working day in just four words?

· Do you know where the most convenient shop is in your state?

· What's the most appropriate thing to say to a Relay Operator at the end of a relay call?

For more information please contact:

Representative to Prof. Glick
(928) 757-5146