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May 5, 2006

ClearSounds -- High-Quality Hearing Assitive Products

From: ClearSounds Communications - May 5, 2006

May 5, 2006

Life is Hard On Hearing, Making You Hard Of Hearing


Products are Designed to Help People Hear Better After Years of Loud Music and Noisy Environments

ClearSounds knows. Mp3 players, iPods, and other personal listening players may just be the best things to happen to music today. They allow music fanatics to get their daily fix anywhere without distracting or offending everyone else. But everything comes with a price, and your hearing is the ultimate sacrifice if you mis-use these personal listening devices. The damage happens slowly and often goes unnoticed, but long periods of exposure to too-loud music can cause tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or even long-tern hearing loss. And it’s not just from mp3 players – we live in an extremely noisy world that is constantly assaulting our ears. That’s why ClearSounds created fun, stylish, and easy-to-use products which help people to hear better if they have not been particularly nice to their ears.

"A lot of people don’t realize how dangerous mp3 players can be to their hearing, or maybe they just don’t care! But they will care when they’re older and can barely hear a normal conversation," says Michele Ahlman, president of ClearSounds Communications. "And I’m not saying I’m some hearing saint, I use my iPod all the time. I just listen at a lower volume for shorter periods of time and make sure my kids do the same. I’m not blaming any one thing either, life is loud and hearing loss is sometimes unavoidable."

ClearSounds has cell phone accessories that allow you to adjust the volume and tone of calls; an amplified phone ring signaler so you can actually tell when someone is calling; an alarm clock with a vibrating shaker pad that will shake you awake no matter how soundly you sleep; and the T.V. Ears that let you listen to television at a volume comfortable just for you.

ClearSounds has other products as well. Many of them specifically designed for people who may have minor or major hearing loss. Baby Boomers or seniors will particularly find these products invaluable in staying connected to their world.

For more product information or to arrange an interview with Michele Ahlman, president of ClearSounds Communications, please contact Angie Pascale at 310-274-5545 or via email at