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May 24, 2006

Beach parties- Summer of 2006

From: Dhhreport (WRAD) - May 24, 2006

Summer is around the corner and we at the WRAD organization are happy to have our three scheduled beach parties this summer in Santa Monica, California.

Saturday July 8, Saturday August 12, and Saturday September 9, 2006.

Location? SANTA MONICA BEACH Lifeguard Station Number 26. Same place as our event the past several years as it is conveniently located. There are food venues, as well as restrooms, volleyball courts, and parking space for a fee. It is near Venice Beach and you can walk there if you like. ( Near Ocean Avenue west of Pico Blvd- Look for Lifeguard Station #26)

We will meet there between 11am and 4pm. Bring your friends and families as we can have a good time at the beach. FREE ADMISSION.

Special attraction- We will have our Bike Day there on Saturday August 12th so you can go to the beach to meet friends after the bike ride from Santa Monica to Hermosa Beach round trip. Contact Rey llarena at for more information about the bike trip.

This event is open to everyone, deaf or hard of hearing or hearing people. We also welcome students wishing to communicate with the deaf or hard of hearing people.

Bring volleyball or beach umbrella. Let's have a great time at the beach this summer!
Contact Bruce Gross at or VP at 661-943-8879 for further information about the beach party.