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April 14, 2006 Logo Contest!

From: Deaf Spot - Apr 14, 2006, the premier Deaf Community web portal run by volunteer web designers and graphic artists has been around since 1996... and for our 10th anniversary, we've decided it's time for a new logo! DeafSpot needs a face lift, and we're opening it up to the Deaf Community! So here are the rules:

- You may submit multiple designs.
- Images must use vector graphics to allow for resizing.
- Designs should not include copyrighted material.
- Upon submission, designs become property of to be used in part or in whole.
- Prefer .png graphics or Adobe Photoshop files with minimum resolution of 300 pixels per inch

So why do I want to do this?

The winner gets:

- Their name announced on the front page of!!!!!
- " logo design winner" on your Resume!!!
- Choice of "Stop Audism Now!" or "Laurent Clerc is my Homeboy" T-shirt

So send your entries to ... the contest starts.... NOW!