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April 12, 2006 Provides One-Stop Source for Talent

From: - Apr 12, 2006

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Provides One-Stop Source for Talent

Swansea, IL [April 12, 2006] –  All too often, actors or actresses who are deaf or hard of hearing have difficulty gaining access to casting opportunities for different reasons, says Vikee Waltrip, the founder of “As an actress, I came to recognize the absence of a valuable, centralized resource where producers, casting directors and directors could come to seek out specific talent for roles of deaf or hard of hearing characters.”

From this realization emerged The Web site, created with the assistance of Davideo Productions CEO David H. Pierce and artist/actor Chuck Baird, facilitates identification of actors who are best suited to a role requiring specific skills, such as American Sign Language fluency. Waltrip explains, “Our database includes people involved with a variety of show business genres, including films, television, theater, live entertainment, and non-broadcast video productions.”

Waltrip notes that a key element of is that all contact information will remain strictly confidential. “The only time contact information will ever be provided is when the talent – an actor, for instance – has agreed to share it with a specific individual or party. This is so important because of Internet privacy and protection of information.” Web visitors who wish to contact performers in the database pay a small fee to, minimizing the cost to actors and actresses. Waltrip is quick to emphasize, though, that she is not an agent. “I am in no way an agent or manager. The monies involved for performances, contractual details and other factors of a role are between the performer and the producer or sponsor. We only serve as a starting point.”

She adds, “ is a service that is really critical. I’ve seen firsthand how people look for performers for their production or event and become frustrated that they can’t find any. As a result, they use the same performers again and again. This service will not only provide a place for talents to be discovered and hired, but also help ensure that hiring parties have a choice of diverse skills and talents to accommodate their needs.”

Performing groups or individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or children of deaf adults (CODA) are encouraged to submit their pictures and information at no charge until December 31, 2006. After that, a small membership fee will apply. For more information, please visit or contact

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