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April 11, 2006

Announcements from

From: Deaf Spot - Apr 11, 2006

The volunteer web designers and graphic designers at have been busy again... this time to set up the newest site in the DeafSpot family...
DeafReview is a brand new place for the Deaf community to discuss products and services.  What pagers are the latest and greatest technology?  Which relay service has the best interpreters?  Which University should I go to?   These are the kinds of questions you can ask... and the kind of topics to discuss on   -  The site is totally free.. and doesn't even require you to register! 
What else?
Chances are that you've already learned about the DeafSpot Toolbar- it's the one toolbar that puts Deaf News, links, and Relay service right on your browser.. and works with Internet Explorer and Firefox.  It's free and now even includes an email notifier!  Just peek at your toolbar to know when mail arrives... without even logging into your email account.  Of course the toolbar still includes Google Search, search, and Pop-up blocker!
Those busy bees at have been working hard... so we'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all the great volunteers who make these services possible!