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March 28, 2006

The National Leadership and Literacy Camp (NLLC) is entering its 7th summer!

From: Camp Lakodia - USA - Mar 28, 2006

March 28, 2006


The National Leadership and Literacy Camp (NLLC) is entering its 7th summer! We had 132 campers from 27 various states last summer.

I would like to share some testimonials:

I enjoyed being a camper at Camp Lakodia, the memories are filled in my heart. I learned a lot especially how to be a better person and to believe in myself as well to have faith in myself and have confidence to try new things.
Clara, Camper from California

In all, Thanks for the great experiences and the time of my lifetime!
Kristen Suiter, Staff

I have to say that Jordan had the best time of his life at Camp Lakodia. He talks about it everyday and has been relentlessly asking for another 2-week stint. He is willing to sacrifice Christmas and all its glory for another 2-weeks there. What’s a mom to do?
Cindy Officer, Parent

Just want to let you know that my son Chris Thomas is now home, I picked him up this morning at San Diego airport. He really had such a wonderful time at the camp and can’t stop talking about it. Thank you all for all the help and support.
Nancy Thomas, Parent

More details can be found on our website, I would love to have your support by sharing the information with other parents or friends. They can also download an application from the website or apply online.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated support.


Deb B. Skjeveland, Program Manager –

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