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March 1, 2006

Deaf Theater Festival, March 6 through 12, in NYC

From: Deaf Theater Festival - USA - Mar 1, 2006



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WINDOWS OF THE SOUL Provides Unique Glimpses Into Contemporary Deaf Community

WINDOWS OF THE SOUL, a fully produced new comedy drama, features real life stories interwoven with classic Deaf history and literature. It gives a glimpse of the personal struggles of the folks some of us see only in passing as if through a window.

WINDOWS is described this way: “Through ‘windows of the soul’ we catch glimpses of today’s young Deaf people, and compare their hopes, dreams, and struggles with the magical themes of Deaf literature, history, and lore across generations … The richness and diversity of the community as it has grown, confronting contemporary issues and suggesting a future of possibilities, are brought to life using American Sign Language, spoken English, magic tricks, dance, mime, poetry, and multi-media.”

WINDOWS was conceived, developed, and directed by Luane Davis Haggerty with stories shared by friends.”

“This production represents over a year of research and interviews with the Deaf community. Individuals were generous enough to share their stories, and published poets and writers within the community were kind enough to grant permission to use their materials in the context of the show. I hope others in the community will see this as a worthwhile investment of time, energy, and money, too. Although I am granted the title of writer, it truly is a community effort – all I did was write it down,” states Ms. Haggerty.

WINDOWS features a diverse cast. Starring in the show is guest artist Dr. Simon Carmel, retired Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) professor, anthropologist, award winning magician, world traveled lecturer, and author. His long-awaited and definitive book on Deaf Folklore will be published by Dawn Sign Press and is expected in bookstores by August 2006. Eight-year-old Yolanda Santana from Rochester (NY) will be joining him. Yolanda has been featured in the Rochester press recently because of interest in her success with having a cochlear implant. Many actors from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) are also performing in the show, some of whom were part of the Off Off Broadway Review (oobr) award winning 2002 NTID and IRT co-production of THE EMPEROR JONES, the first black Deaf production of this Eugene O’Neill masterpiece. These Rochester area actors will be joined by professional actors from the NYC area.

This show is accessible to both Deaf and hearing audiences.

If you would like more information about this show or the Deaf Theater Festival (DTF) co-hosted by IRT the week of March 6 – 12, contact IRT at 212-206-6875 (voice); 212-206-7037 (fax). Or email

The two other plays offered during DTF week are DEAF KILL, SORRY, a murder mystery involving Alexander Graham Bell, written by John Sedlak; and SIGN-ARELLA, a new musical for family audiences by Kori Schneider, Bob West, and David James Boyd. Both these offerings are staged readings. Suggested donation for each of these productions is $15.

For a poster with more specific information about all of these plays, please go to the IRT web site and click on the link for Deaf Theater Festival March 6 – 12, 2006