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February 7, 2006

Wrad Super Bowl Party A Success!!!!

From: Dhhreport (WRAD) - Feb 7, 2006

NOTE: You can see the pictures of the WRAD Super Bowl party at
Thanks to both Bruce Gross and Rey llarena for them.


About 50 deaf and hard of hearing people came to El Guapo Mexican Cantina, a beautiful sports bar, in the heart of Hollywood, California for the Super Bowl to see the Pittsburgh Steelers win against the Seattle Seahawks.

There were many television sets at the bar and we had the reserved area with some closed captioning television sets to watch the football game.

The manager, Chad knew sign language, and a graduate of University of California at Berkeley. He was very nice and made sure that we had a good time at the sports bar. He is a musician and enjoyed meeting our group as most of us communicated in sign language.

The main prize was the $2,000 plasma TV won by a hearing person. We had our own football polls and here are our winners:

1st Quarter winner- Rick Reiss, $25.00 who t donated the prize to purchase beer for the WRAD group.
2nd Quarter winner- Jeff Lubman- $25.00
3rd Quarter winner- Jo Reins- $25.00
4th Quarter winner- Reynaldo Llarena- $25.00 who donated to WRAD.
The Grand Prize Winner was Mark Brudney who won a prize of $100.00

Our group had 2 tables and each table had a drawing for $100 prize and we
were surprised when both of our tables won $100 each ($200 total) so some people
split the winning money. We had very good luck.

Many of us had a good time chatting and watching the football game on television.
Some people were very kind to treat others to appetizers and beer to make our group like one large family.

It was a successful event and we are thinking about hosting another Super Bowl party again next year.

Thanks to the following committee members who made the event possible- Bruce Gross, Chair, Mark Brudney, Assistant to Bruce, and Reynaldo llarena who was the photographer for the WRAD website and helped coordinate the football polls for cash prizes. Bruce Gross also took pictures of the party.