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February 15, 2006

Kidnapping And Possible Murder Of My Deaf Husband In Russia Letter-Appeal By Wife Of Felix Shlimovich To Deaf Community

From: - Feb 15, 2006

PRESS RELEASE - February 15, 2006


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By Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas, CISS Ombudsman

New York, USA - A Letter-Appeal by Irina Shlimovich - was received by this Ombudsman, in which she writes the following:

"I am a deaf spouse of Felix Shlimovich who has been a missing person since December 11, 2005.

I do sincerely hope and pray that you, a concerned and caring citizen, will read this very painful message of mine and do something in finding the truth as to what actually happened to my beloved husband.

Since the day of Felix's disappearance, our family members - Samuel Shlimovich ( Felix's aging and ailing father ), Anatoliy Shlimovich ( Felix's deaf brother ) and I have tirelessly and sleeplessly been working day and night to locate Felix or his body.

Please see a separate e-mail message which shows an advertisement published in the popular Russian daily newspaper - MOSCOW KOMSOMOLETS - on Saturday, February 4, 2006. On that newspaper advertisement my family appealed to the Russian public for help in locating Felix's whereabouts and in which a monetary reward incentive was set up for this purpose.

So far, there is no positive result.

However, my family received the following leads related to Felix's disappearance:

1) that the persons who were involved in planning to kidnap ( and, possibly, murder ) of Felix were the three deaf members of the Nikolai Klimov family: Nikolai himself, his son - Slava Klimov, his son-in-law - Yakov Frenkel, as well as their close female friend from the USA - Donalda Ammons,

2) that the idea, influence and order to harm Felix came directly from Washington, D.C., that is, from the two Gallaudet University employees - Slava Klimov and Donalda Ammons, and

3) that Nikolai Klimov, as a result, decided to launch and finance the horrific operation to eliminate Felix from his life's existence by hiring the service of deaf hit persons in Moscow.

Previously, we were aware of the facts that twice - on February 27, 2003 in Sweden and on January 3, 2005 in Australia, respectively - at the influence and orders of Donalda Ammons - the local police and security agents were attempting to arrest Felix in these respective places because Felix accused Donalda Ammons in allegedly stealing his property - the original of his produced videofilm of the 37th CISS Congress and 2001 Deaflympic Summer Games.

For such an alleged theft and by being unable to retrieve his own property from either Donalda Ammons or the Klimovs - father and son, Felix filed the two separate lawsuits against these persons in Washington, D.C., and Moscow.

We were also aware of the two following facts that during Felix's visit to the campus of Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., on March 17, 2004, Felix was verbally abused and physically attacked by Slava Klimov there ( an accident report was filed with the Gallaudet University police department on that day ). In addition, on January 12, 2005, during the Deaflympic Summer Games, at the premises of the Melbourne Sports and Athletic Complex in Melbourne, Australia, Jerald Jordan, the senior advisor to Donalda Ammons in the CISS, secretly met with Felix and there Jerald Jordan vainly persuaded Felix to drop his lawsuit cases against Ammons and her accomplices.

The recent court case held in Washington, D.C., on January 18, 2006, in which Felix as a plaintiff was absent and in which both defendants Slava Klimov andf Donalda Ammons appeared, is now being dismissed because of Felix's non-showing up at the court's premises on that day.

It is quite unbelievably, outrageous and appalling that a still-sitting-in-the-office President of the International Olympic Committee of the Deaf ( CISS ) - Donalda Ammons - is being directly and indirectly implicated in this criminal act: the kidnapping and possible murder of Felix.

I am now appealing to you to take appropriate action, including using your influence in pressuring Donalda Ammons and her Russian collaborators - Nikolai and Slava Klimov and Yakov Frenkel - to tell the truth and provide accurate information as to what factually happened with Felix's mysterious disappearance on the night of December 11, 2005.

Our fax number in Moscow is 614-11-61.

Please help us.

With Tears in Eyes,

Deaf Spouse of Felix"