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February 14, 2006

Da-Cor Newsletter: Dummy Hoy in Hall Of Fame

From: DA-Cor Pictures - Feb 14, 2006

Da-Cor Newsletter

Dummy Hoy in Hall Of Fame

2006 is the year for Dummy Hoy to be recognized and inducted into the National Baseball Hall Of Fame.

For years fans of Dummy Hoy have been trying to get him inducted into the National Baseball Hall Of fame with little or no response. This year, with the help of the deaf community we can make that happen. David Risotto, from Da-Cor Pictures, a California based film production company, with the help of Steve Sandy, who is deaf and lives in Columbus, Ohio, have developed a script based on Dummy Hoy’s Life in baseball. Steve Sandy is one of the people who were instrumental in getting Hoy inducted into the Reds Hall Of Fame and David Risotto has 25 years experience in the film industry. Together, their efforts have attracted a lot of attention from the entertainment industry, the newspapers and many, in both the Deaf and Hearing Communities.

Once the film is completed, Da-Cor Pictures plans to take vigorous measures to promote the movie. The National Baseball Hall Of Fame is having their very first film festival in Cooperstown at the Hall Of Fame and has asked Da-Cor Pictures to open the film festival with the premiere of “The Silent Natural, Dummy Hoy”. Wow! Think of the press Hoy will get. What a wonderful way to get him in front of the right people.

But we have to make the movie. Filming needs to start by May 1st. As the first great Deaf baseball player, Hoy knew it took commitment and teamwork to win. That’s what we need now, COMMITMENT and TEAMWORK from the Deaf Community.

Calling on the Deaf

David Risotto and Steve Sandy feel that, in order to keep Dummy Hoy’s story as true to life as possible, the film needs to be made as an independent movie. This means no studio backing. This is where you, the Deaf Community, come in.

Da-Cor Pictures is asking the Deaf Community to step forward and support their effort in getting a Deaf hero recognized. There are two ways to get involved.

For as little as 1 (one) dollar, you can be part of this exciting journey to see Hoy inducted. That’s right, if the Deaf Community comes together as a whole and each person puts in a dollar or more, whatever they feel comfortable with, we can get Dummy Hoy to the Hall Of Fame. Just think, you can say you helped make this possible. The second way is to become a sponsor. For sponsorship details, contact David Risotto @ It’s time you stood up and be counted. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Dummy Hoy needs your support if his name is ever going to have a chance to be among the greats, where he belongs. With the resources that we receive, David Risotto and Steve Sandy will use their best efforts to Get Dummy Hoy in front of the decision makers. The way to do this is to get the film made and screened in the Hall Of Fame film festival. If you help make this happen, Da-Cor Pictures pledges to put 10% of the proceeds made from the film back into the Deaf Community. Let’s make this happen. Your generosity today can help see Hoy get his day. To get involved please send you check or money order to Da-Cor Pictures @ 9909 Topanga Canyon Blvd. #337 Chatsworth, CA. 91311.

Thank you for your support. Remember, anything you can do could help Dummy Hoy find his place in the National baseball Hall Of Fame.

Da-Cor Pictures

*Don’t forget to voice your opinion in support for Dummy Hoy. E-mail the Hall Of Fame @ or write them @ Hall of Fame Veterans Committee PO Box 590 Cooperstown, NY 13326.